A few years back, when the book Who Moved My Cheese? was in the list of top-sellers, everyone talked about change frequently and daringly. Change is inevitable in the universe and life, that we all must be prepared to deal with. But all changes need not bring desirable results. Success of a change depends on the current situation, our knowledge on it, and the acceptation of it’s results.

Along with change comes the restraint to change – which is good. In life, the restraint to change is often a mental block, or a fear that the change may not work, or some emotional ties. While many ask us to suppress these restraints, I would say, these can be used wisely to evaluate the situation objectively, to analyze the new or changed situation.

Another aspect of change is the courage to change. First it requires courage to accept the situation, conquer the fear and destroy the barriers. Then it requires courage to accept the change and live with it. I guess this is where all the inspirational books and speakers concentrate – threatening us to make the move, preparing us to face the unknown. Just remember only this – courage is different from daring!

Everything flows, nothing stands still. Change is inevitable. If you know your restraints well, if you have the courage to accept the change, you can always remain “Say Cheese!”