During a recent discussion on risk management, I suddenly realized that we tend to see risks too negatively. We were trying to enumerate risks and it was easy for everyone to come up with negative risks (threats) and not so in exploring positive risks. May be we do not want to call it risks; we prefer the word opportunities – it sounds a lot more positive.

But, isn’t there an inherent threat in every opportunity? Isn’t there an opportunity in every threat? There is, and this is not something new! A little search in the internet gave me some food for thought. Risk management is not just avoid – transfer – mitigate – accept strategies to deal with threats, its also exploit – share – explore – ignore to work on opportunities.

What struck me most is that there are two sides to every risk – positive and negative. In other words, every risk is an opportunity and a threat, however small each may be. Clinching that opportunity wisely is the road to glory!