The early bird gets the worm! Common wisdom suggests to get things done as early as possible. Everyday I see people – tuned to this wisdom – rushing on the road, into the elevators, around the vending machines, fretting and fidgeting about the seconds lost. I used to have a manager who was obsessed about every minute in the schedule which ultimately caused huge reworks and led to exhaustion of the team in all sense.

As late as possible is not a new strategy. It is well-known, documented, implemented and practised. However, many of us do not see it as an option because we are not taught to delay work. We all know procrastination is the thief of time!

There are times when delaying is the best course of action. It could be during a negotiation, dealing with uncertainties, or even when booking a flight ticket! This may seem adventurous, but with careful judgement of circumstances, acting as late as possible will be eventually beneficial.

So, next time before you step into a crowded elevator, before booking that off-season flight ticket, before ramping up the team when you think requirements are not clear, consider the strategy – As Late As Possible.