It has been a long time since I posted last. These were busy days with a lot of changes happening in the personal and work lives. I have written about changes earlier, but this time I observed something different. A change unsettles, it creates uncertainty, ambiguity and at the core of it these uncertain, ambiguous times and situations makes people difficult to accept change.

Some of us dealt with changes from young ages – changes in school, friends, house, cities – especially those who moved around a lot. But some of us did not. Whether we faced changing situations or not, most of us were not much exposed to ambiguity and uncertainty. Our parents took care of it. As we grew we started facing these situations more and more and we were not taught how to deal with those. We resist, oppose, fight every change, because we do not know how to deal with uncertainties.

Then at some point we give in, we reconcile with the changes and it takes a while to adjust and start enjoying the changed life. Another change is on the way, and then the cycle repeats. What I observed during these days is that as we go through a series of changes we build experience, we build tolerance to uncertain times and ambiguous situations and we learn to walk independent of the hands that were holding us through.

As we walk, as we learn, we become mature.