Rarely I record thoughts or feelings that may change over time. I hardly write about a product or company. But this time, I feel compelled to write about Google and the way the Google way of getting things wrong. I just finished reading an article on The Atlantic confirmed my thoughts.

I use most of Google’s services pretty well, and my all-time favorite is Google Reader. I still wonder why there is no serious competition to Google Reader. Especially the way Google Reader clients are built on many platforms. But with Google+, they sure disappointed most of the Google Reader community. I hardly discover new feeds these days from Google’s ecosystem. I use apps on almost every device I use to read the feeds, but none of those apps can share articles on Google+. I am reminded of the signs seen on food courts and restaurants - no outside food or drink allowed. Talk about walled gardens!

Google+ is pretty ambitious. But people should to be able to use it. Sometime it looks as if Google is throwing two birds in their hand to catch one in the bush. From the Atlantic article I learned a bit more about Google+. There is a feature to filter mails in Gmail by Circles. Who knew? In my Gmail menu that filter is hidden by the chat box. Talk about the new design!

Internet is growing up in a frantic pace. There are a lot of good and innovative things introduced by Google in the past 10 years. Now that’s weighing them down. I even think in 10 years Google has reached it’s middle age. If that is true, like any other thing in the nature the old must give way to the new. And I seriously wish that won’t be the case.