I am one person who embraces digital world wholeheartedly. Three years back I made a decision to stop buying paper books and to move to Kindle. I hardly remember any occasion of buying a paper book after that. Since digital music distribution improved in India, I have stopped buying music CDs. All my paper documents are digitised and stored electronically even in cloud (knowing how secure the digital security can be, I passively trust digital storage and internet).

But now I have discovered, or rediscovered, a passion of pen and paper. The beauty of pen and paper is that it is intended to only one thing - writing (add drawing or scribbling, if you may). A blank paper does not talk to you, or show a notification. It just waits for you to write something on it. And that’s a good feeling. It does not have a meaning or purpose if I do not write anything on it.

So, for those who are experiencing a writer’s block in front of the computer or tablet, shall I then recommend - a pen and a notebook?