It took me a couple of weeks and four classes to follow the instructions on swimming techniques. I had to keep these techniques intact while learning something new after that. It was tough. I hadn’t converted the skills into muscle-memory. It was hard to manage two things at a time.

And we went back to the basics. This time the progress was slow. One by one, I acquired the skills into natural movements.

In French there is an expression, “Il faut donner du temps au temps”. It means “give time to time”. Certain things need time to perfect, to mature, and we must give enough time for those. There are two aspects - what happens during that time, and the patience.

One of my projects required a new style of building software. So, there were two objectives - learn the new style, deliver the software. It was a struggle to do both. Over time, the team acquired new skills into their “muscle-memory”. The perseverance and patience were rewarded eventually.

Some things in life need time - time to evolve, time to build, time to mature, time to perfect. Give time to time!