While starting to learn swimming, I could not even cross the short side of the pool. Once I learned the skills it became easier. Crossing the pool along the length was a distant dream.

As soon as the coach found me cross the short-side with ease, he increased the intensity. I had to return without taking a rest. The next step was to build endurance. I would say I am in this phase now. Swimming along the long side and back with a short rest.

The next phase would be performance. Hopefully, I would be improving my speed along with skills and endurance.

This is true with any kind of learning. The basics is to get things right. The skills and the techniques. The next step is to practice is it long enough to build the muscle memory. And finally, the continuous improvement.

Most of the times, we expect ourselves and others to perform without getting the basics right. Only if we realize which phase we (or our team members) are in, it is possible to respond, guide, manage accordingly.