Relax! the swimming coach shouted. I did not know how. I struggled to breathe, kick, pull and coordinate everything together. It was more difficult when I had to pull. I did not know why!

Then, one day the coach asked me to kick along the long side of the pull, raising my head occasionally to breathe. And I could do it with ease. At the end of the pool I was asking myself, how I crossed the pool with ease. It became clear to me that I don’t need to pull so hard to move in the water. Legs too could contribute.

So, I took off again. This time, mostly kicking and lightly pulling. And I was relaxed, ever since.

When we do not get the how and the why we end up working hard, with not-so-great results. Many a times, transformation happens in the minds and the effects are seen outside. Our minds are not satisfied with the “what”. We need the “how” and “whys”.